Many probation officers test for prohibited substances as part of probationary terms, same situation occurs when employers are requiring drug tests, however, there are many techniques to deceive them and synthetic urine is one of the newest methods of doing so. Synthetic urine is a substance generated to calibrate laboratory equipment that has properties of human urine, including pH, specific gravity, integrity and levels of uric acid, urea, creatinine, sodium chloride, sulfates, phosphates and ammonia. As there are lots of statements confirming that it really works, marijuana smokers invented a significant variety of methods to bring synthetic urine to a drug test. Below are the most common of them.

Method #1: Using a bottle of synthetic urine

Bringing bottle of synthetic urine is not the perfect technique and apparently has both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of this method is that generally bottles are small and convenient to transfer and conceal – if nobody is watching process attentively (remember about potential surveillance cameras in the restroom), then you’ll be capable to easily pour the artificial urine into the testing cup instead of genuine specimen. However, the obvious disadvantage is that it is exceedingly hard to open the bottle and pour the liquid into the container in case of direct observation of urine collection.

Method #2: Using a bag of synthetic urine

Actually, using a plastic bag with synthetic urine is not reliable technique for passing a drug test, unless nobody is watching you during collecting the specimen, as bags of synthetic urine can splatter and outflow all over the place and they are noticeably harder to pour into the testing cups.

Method #3: Using a Whizzinator

Using a Whizzinator is easily the best way for males, as it can be naturally concealed inside the pants and at the moment of assembling the specimen, the artificial urine is already inside the Whizzinator. The product is utilized just as a male would normally use the restroom, considering its extremely veritable appearance and availability in various colors for different colored skin.

How to prepare

Although the substitution of your urine sample with synthetic pee sounds quite easy, it is not. Even in case of unsupervised test. Testing staff now is trained very well and aware of all tricks drug users use. Even if they cannot see you during the urination, they can listen and they can check your sample for validity right after you give them it. So, if you don’t know how to prepare yourself and your fake pee to a test, you will fail guaranteed. What are the secrets that will help you use synthetic urine successfully?

First of all, you have to give them not less than 2oz of it. This is the minimum required by law. That means that if you have only 2oz bottle of synthetic urine, be careful and do not spill it. You can buy 3oz bottle to protect yourself in case of such incident.

And the second: the temperature of your specimen must be not less that 90°F and not more than 100°F. Sample collectors will check it immediately after they receive filled testing cup from you. In order to achieve the required temperature, you can microwave your synthetic urine few seconds, use hand warmers or own body. In the last case, your underwear or bras for ladies are the best places to warm up the liquid.

microwaving synthetic urine

With the requirements of performing drug test becoming more and more widespread in the workplace and among probation officers, use of synthetic urine is becoming more indispensable now than it ever has been before. It is important to pay attention to a circumstance that the repositories like bottles and bags are the only options for females, therefore I recommend for women who need to substitute unsuitable specimen with synthetic one, to use the bottle as this is the easiest option available. Just realize that bottles and plastic bags must be concealed reliably, not just in a pocket – inside the underwear is the safest place. However, sometimes testing staff may examine upper underwear, so conceal your receptacle lower down to be thoroughly prepared to unexpected drug screening.

If you need to pass a urinalysis for your probation officer or an employer, your best alternative, in case you are actually concerned about passing the test, is to obtain some quality synthetic urine which is widely available all around the world.

With companies making their employees take urine tests more often, people afraid of losing their jobs sometimes have to rely upon extreme measures when they want to come out clean after the urine drug test. That is why these days, the artificial urine industry is successful as more people rely on it to keep their jobs. This makes us ask ourselves two simple questions: does it really work and is it detectable?

These days synthetic pee has become too much easy to buy online and it is almost always guaranteed to help you pass a urine drug screen. It is what staff in the labs use as a standard to compare with other urine samples, so it definitely should not be detected.

If you want to be sure that this method will not fail, one thing that you need to consider is the temperature of the sample. It is essential for your sample to be at the correct temperature before you hand it over. If you have noticed, urine is usually at a hot temperature, so if you hand over a cold sample, then it will most likely fail. This is why it is very important to look for brands that sell synthetic urine which comes along with a heating pads.

An other thing that you should take into consideration before handing in your urine sample is to shake it a bit. The synthetic urine sample should be given a quick shake so that it has some bubbles. This way, the chances of you getting caught are more reduced.

If you are wondering why synthetic urine samples are not easy to detect in any kind of drug test, it is because it was specifically made in order to mimic human urine. Actually, fake urine is what drug testing laboratories usually use in order to calibrate their testing equipment. The best thing about synthetic urine is the fact that is has the same levels of PH, acidity and specific gravity that can be found in human pee.

It is usually quite costly for laboratories to thoroughly check your urine in order to determine if it is really fake. They most probably will not go to this amount of trouble and cost just to guarantee that your urine is genuine. This is why chances of synthetic urine detection and you getting caught using it are really low. It is though recommended that you stay clean and use your own urine rather than rely upon substituting samples.